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There is nowhere on the internet that is specifically helping Podiatrists, Chiropodists and Foot Health practitioners improve their business skills. This site sets out to address the wants and needs of the newly qualified, the still studying and the established practitioner grow their knowledge and their business. FixinFeet will bring you news and views from around the world and products that can enhance the lives of your patients and further your Continuous professional development (CPD) Too. I hope you enjoy your reading. This site already enjoys some 2500 unique visitors a month and some 4500 existing returning visitors a month. There must be something good her as 27% have also included us in their favourites! Enjoy the read!

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My past practice was built upon the basis of a duty of care towards my patients and always giving helpful advice and guidance on the various issues. I prided myself in offering a caring and compassionate treatment to all. All patients deserve and received a factual and informed treatment. These principles have lead me to want to share my extensive ‘Big Business’ knowledge and share how I developed my private practice into a thriving business. Let me help you improve yours. It doesn’t matter which aspect of the above is relevant i am qualified to help you. from the business to practitioner issues right through to your own wellbeing I am the person to help.

My specialist areas are as follows:-

Business Development – In today’s economic climate the need to make as few mistakes as possible whilst developing your business is more important than ever – maximize the profits, not at the expense of safety and good practice though! I will set out for members, the opportunity to learn from some of my mistakes, because lets face it, we all make some, every industry has its issues and I found a few that I can share with you. There will be a small report available soon to those who register with some of the things to consider when you enter the business and some for the more established amongst us. Innovation is the lifeblood of keeping your practice up to date and accessible as well as in the public’s eye. This is by way of a thank-you for those who joining and register as a member.

You too are invited to share your experiences and submit articles and documents. After all, sharing experiences helps us all learn

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You have searched for one of the issues, illnesses or diseases detailed on this site or you are looking for help with your business, want industry news research or articles covering Chiropody,Podiatry or Foot Health in general.

That’s great! How we can help you is by engaging you and discussing where you want to go from here.

Are you just looking for information? if so…That’s OK too. I don’t mind being a font of knowledge.

On a more serious note you may well be here because you or a loved one needs help that’s great you found us. We would encourage you to seek professionally qualified practitioners to tend to your needs. If you are here because you need quick help with your chiropody or podiatry business Then have a look around and check out the downloadable products that are available for you.There is much more in our members area for the professions.
If however you need specific targeted and concentrated help, or assistance with a difficult issue I haven’t covered in the downloads seek medical advice. Alternatively if its practitioner business development

You can Skype me – User Name Hypnofix, or you can email me, (from the contacts page), outlining the problem and we can arrange a time to speak that’s convenient to both of us. Alternatively, ring me on 01384 621857 for your free 20 minute consultation.

That’s OK Too! So there is no panic and there is the opportunity for a start on what ever the issue is almost immediately!
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What Client’s Say
Simon Pearcey – Kingswinford I have had terrible hard skin on my feet and the top of my big toe for years. This was unsightly and uncomfortable Phil Green has both removed the hard skin and given me tips on how to stop it returning as well as giving me advice about fooware – Thank you oh so much

Ruby C – Lanesfield Now I’m moving to Lincolnshire, how am I to find someone like you. I Have had a few Chiropodists over the years but none have been as thorough as you. I will miss you.

Andy R – Kingswinford On my fist visit Andrew requested I cut his nails and have a look at the severe maceration and splits behind his toes, he had struggled for years with Tinea Pedis (Athletes Foot) he revealed. He had also disclosed under questioning that he had recently developed a ‘Rash’ in his groin Jock Itch or Dobie itch I carried out the routinist work on his feet and treated the tinea with a topical treatment. I referred Andrew to his GP with a letter explaining his Symptoms. This is what transpired in a subsequent text:- “Magic result today – 6 week course of Diflucan Capsules (Fluconazole) Doctor valued your help. 15 years of gammy feet and then here comes Phil! You did a great job! Mom has your numbers and will be contacting you. I will get you some more business as and when I can Thanks once again for your help and guidance”. See you in 6 weeks – Andy

Mrs P. P. – Matron, Tettenhall, Wolverhampton Phil’s treatment is a vast improvement on the last chiropodist we had. The last chiropodist would be in out in 10 minutes having done all the service users in a whirlwind. Phil gets the job done to a high standard and the ladies and gentlemen enjoy their chats during their luxury foot treatment.

Kenneth W – Brierley Hill That Leaflet was the best thing that’s happened to me in a while. You are without doubt the most caring and personable professional I have come into contact with for a long time. You take time to talk about what you find and how both you and I can put it right. You always have time for me Thank-you

Mrs J.N. – Dudley, Mom, Dad and I really looked forward to your visits.  I took great comfort in knowing that you where looking after their feet, and after your visits they always felt pampered.  You always put your patients well being first, and we send you a heartfelt “THANK YOU” for looking after our feet and caring so much, above and beyond your duty of care.  We all sometimes take our feet for granted, and it is not until you have a problem or pain and discomfort that you appreciate how important a caring chiropodist is.  Kind Regards J N .

Mrs P. P. – Matron, Castlecroft, Wolverhampton Our lady’s love it when you visit, they look forward to your visits and really enjoy having their feet done. The work done is to a very high standard. The staff here now even have their feet done.

Ms C. F. – Matron, Wolverhampton We have a lot of step down cases and the service users feet are not good when they arrive. Phil has renovated many a set of nails from talons to nails you would be proud of. We are impressed.

Mr & Mrs. F. H. – Wheaton Aston Your treatment was excellent and very effective and we are very grateful” ” your professionalism apart, we were very pleased to meet you and enjoyed your visits”
(Comments received in a letter when I announced that due to increased workload, I would not be continuing to visits to Wheaton Aston Staffs, but I would be concentrating on my domicilliary visits & Clinic in the Black Country area alone)

 Matron, Tettenhall, Wolverhampton Phil’s treatment is a vast improvement on the last chiropodist we had. The last chiropodist would be in out in 10 minutes having done all the service users in a whirlwind. Phil gets the job done to a high standard and the ladies and gentlemen enjoy their chats during their luxury foot treatment.